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The EB evolutionary method, created by Elena Belotti, 

it is a technique of light and a path of SPIRITUAL ENERGETIC AWAKENING OF THE HUMAN COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS;  it is CHANNELED because it comes from Elena's sensitive, perceptive and multidimensional talents and is  AND VOLUTIVE because it promotes constant change towards new levels of personal and / or professional well-being.

THE METHOD is based on the integration of the original Cosmic Solar Source in the individual consciousness and on the sky-earth integration: the personal inner center, after reconnection with the original matrix, becomes active and radiant and expands until it reaches and incorporates all the body from head to toe and, not showing separation between spirit and matter, favors union on every plane of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, practical)

It is a re-animation of the soul, of one's self or higher consciousness, it is based on the concept that the human being has forgotten its energetic origin and needs to find it and live in it in  constant evolution with the whole.

The EVOLUTIONARY method EB  it allows to :

  • reconnect to the inner light and to the personal and collective consciousness of LuceAmore;

  • open a new way of looking at life, based on love, gratitude, self-realization, on the maximum expression of one's potential;

  • understand the often unconscious root causes of one's discomfort and deal with them, freeing the blocked parts on a spiritual, physical, mental, emotional level;

  • listen internally and discern information;

  • reading the energy field, channeling and receiving the information necessary for one's personal evolution;

  • learn psycho-energetic spiritual techniques and methods to manage life, overcome difficult moments, clean up disharmonies, increase positivity in oneself and spread serenity;

  • grow spiritually with great results achievable in a short time;

  • knowing and using the vibrational frequencies and essences created by Elena;

  • have constant support on one's path and a real possibility of change;

  • simplify abstract concepts to the essential;

  • integrate and apply positivity in everyday life;

  • expand joy, playfulness e  self-acceptance

  • experience direct contact with universal life energy;

  • feel your heart / soul and trust it;

  • develop empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, self-healing and regeneration skills, reactivation of latent energetic codes;

  • achieving integrity with the micro and macro cosmos integrates the spirit into matter;

  • living a lifestyle based on energetic knowledge, also defined as spiritual, which encompasses mind, emotions and body;

  • flowing in energy and, being it in eternal movement, educates flexibility in a harmonious cosmic order;

  • experience union with everything,  educating to tune in to the cosmic doors and vibrations that guide earthly life every day;

  • be aware of a cosmic energy flow;

  • constantly evolve.

The method is based and is applied through  three pillars:    


THE energetic VIBRATIONAL WORD carries evolutionary codes that contact, act and take shape in all the bodies of the recipient, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; together with the word, specific energy techniques are used, created by Elena Belotti, which, through symbols, colors and words, work in the recipient to restore global well-being, these techniques are REIKI LIGHT LOVE - OM NAMAH SHIVAYA - SPHERES OF LIGHT and others in the making  

THE ENERGETIC TOUCH  it can take place in the presence or at a distance, through the outpouring of cosmic energy from the hands of the operator, who, when needed, can approach the physical body and touch it, without the need to undress, except when an energetic vibrational physical massage is required of the operator , mainly carried out by an aesthetic operator or masseur  professional who personally takes all responsibility;


LUCESTASI ESSENCES are the pillar and tool of the EB method, created and channeled by Elena Belotti to support, move, lighten the energy work on the bodies and clarify, understand, speed up the evolutionary path and promote the global well-being of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual;  they are in liquid form, created with water, alcohol, perfumed essences and dyes or crystals, in spray form they are vaporized into the environment in order to release their specific energy.


  The method, in its practical application, takes place:

  • CONSULTANCY and personal EVALUATION with Energy Reading, i.e. the observation of the magnetic field, aura and energy points of the body, in order to obtain the necessary data to carry out a needs assessment  and the applicant's state of being


  • INTERVENTION by  GROWTH AND AWARENESS through sense & mind, i.e. by introducing information and evolutionary codes into the energy body of the recipient to promote well-being by operating  through vibrational verbal communication and the contact of the physical and extrasensory senses



We could also define the steps as:

finding  -  rebirth  -  growth  -  evolution

The method when applied in scope  professional, in every sector where it is used, it maintains its original characteristics, but     at the same time it is personalized by expressing unique nuances.

The theoretical basic concepts of the method are:

  • we are all one, people, animals, vegetables, minerals. sky and earth,

  • everything is energy

  • everything is inside the individual who introjects and projects reality

  • the individual is one and three and creates his own reality

  • our energy is infinite, it has no beginning and no end

  • the cosmos is inhabited by different forms of energy

  • we can communicate with every species, through energetic and heart language

  • the earth's time line is only partial to the whole and we, on our time line, find who we are, where we come from and where we need to go

  • each event is an encoded message

  • we can create  and transform every situation

  • light is sovereign, shadow is the tool for experiencing light

  • the body and the mind respond to specific codes, in every being / thing

  • everything is connected to everything, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small

  • everything resounds in the whole, the law of cause and effect

  • our body is energy and by activating its frequencies we can self heal and expand good vibrations to the whole, changing reality

  • the case does not exist

  • every situation teaches us something useful and positive for growth; evil does not exist as an energy for its own sake

  • energy communicates at various levels, mental, telepathic, verbal, posture, visions, dreams

  • non violence, conscious vegetarian vegan lifestyle, love and respect for all creatures

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