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“Spiritual well-being is what I love and what I care for!                            

I lead to the inner and cosmic Spirit, seen as a source of completeness, harmony and happiness. "




Elena is a cosmic messenger, a connection tool that, through her luminous spirit and her energy field, gives direct contact with the plane of Light and Cosmic Love, promoting spiritual and energetic well-being.


She is the messenger, through telepathic contact and direct energetic transmission, of many Divine Entities and planes; is a guide and teacher of light,  its task is to make one experience communion, union with the Divine Energies of love, wisdom and power and with Entities of Light; it leads individuals to connect to the One Force that can really heal us, that is, nourish us to the Cosmic Infinite Life.


Elena's mission is:

  • awaken the true nature that is Divine, one's own Inner Divine Light and "Feeling"

  • raise the planetary frequency by fostering a new lifestyle on earth based on love, respect, cosmic consciousness, positivity and active and conscious co-creation.

  • offer a vision of life based on love, gratitude, magnetism and abundance. 

  • guide in rediscovering the profound meaning of "your being on earth", of your life mission.

  • educate to cosmic consciousness and to be connected to the universal flow, immense, constant and infinite, every day, 24 hours a day.


His teaching, although of a spiritual nature, is very concrete with practical purposes, aims to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem, trust, a sense of self-worth in the person and to awaken creative potentials, so as to act in one's life with mastery and contribute. to make this world the paradise it is  and that will be.

In direct contact with the streams of Light-Love of the Source, Elena makes real transformation possible, restructuring the energy body in the various planes: mental, emotional and physical, so that the human being is regenerated, awakened and reanimated by the spirit; it works for the integration of all the planes of being up to the Union with the Cosmic I Am.

Elena has created the EB EVOLUTIONARY method which is channeled because it comes from her sensitive, perceptive and multidimensional talents, which is evolutionary because it favors in the applicant a change towards new steps of personal growth and well-being.



It is not a question of following a teacher but of letting the master truth that is in us act.

  Light Love from the expanding center      All is One         Om Namah Shivaya

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